Lurik according to the Indonesian National Encyclopedia (1997) is a woven fabric originating from the Central Java region with a basic stripe or checkerboard motif with dim colors which are generally interspersed with various thread colors. Lurik cloth is one of the intangible cultural heritages from Indonesia that has been around for a long time. The name lurik cloth itself comes from the word lorek which in Javanese means strips or lines, stripes, and can also mean patterns. The basic motifs of the lurik cloth include a long, unidirectional pattern of lines known as jalanran, a straight line with the width of the cloth called feed malang, and small patterns called cacahan. The history of the lurik cloth is displayed on the reliefs of the Borobudur temple, where there is a loom. lurik cloth known as a carrying loom. Lurik fabrics are generally predominantly dark in color, such as black, dark green, dark brown, dark yellow, dark blue, dark red, and so on. Then for Javanese women, lurik cloth is usually used as a kemben, jarik, shawl, or stagen. While for men it is usually used as a material for surjan clothes.

Sentra pembuatan lurik di Jawa berada :
Lurik Rachmad (Workshop)
Jl.Pedan- Cawas,Rt 002,Rw 001, Desa/kelurahan beji,kec:Pedan,kabupaten Klaten,Jawa Tengah 57468

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