Weaving itself in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) weaving is a craft product in the form of material (cloth) made from yarn (cotton, silk, and so on) by inserting weft transversely on the warp. And the woven fabric itself refers to geographical conditions (Natural Resources), morals and social behavior (Human Resources), and history. Through the procedure of communicative action (dialogue), intersubjective agreements are reached. Weaving is a community tradition to fulfill ceremonial needs and as a creative industry. Nationally and internationally, woven fabrics are known for their relatively high selling value. There are several influencing factors, such as the manufacturing process, the materials used, the complexity of the pattern, and the meaning that the pattern has. The materials used to make woven fabrics come from natural materials and dyes. The weaving craftsmen take advantage of the natural wealth in their area to beautify the weaving they make. Some of the materials used include plant roots, fruit seeds, etc. The colors produced by natural ingredients are no less good than synthetic dyes, they can even last for a long time.

Sentra pembuatan lurik di Jawa berada :
Lurik Rachmad (Workshop)
Jl.Pedan- Cawas,Rt 002,Rw 001, Desa/kelurahan beji,kec:Pedan,kabupaten Klaten,Jawa Tengah 57468

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