Very attractive colors displayed from a lurik in Indonesia have bright and fresh colors which Lurik Rachmad has is made manually and is made typical of the region and contains elements of very strong cultural values.This lurik is made of high quality cotton in accordance with the vision and mission which emphasizes the quality of goods that are very good and perfect Not only that, this lurik is already well known in the Central Java region. in Klaten and the customers are important people such as the governor in Central Java, namely Mr. Ganjar and the form of the lurik motif which is called Lurik Ganjar There are many luriks according to the buyer’s request and can also be ordered like uniforms and ordered randomly at the request of our beloved customers.

Sentra pembuatan lurik di Jawa berada :
Lurik Rachmad (Workshop)
Jl.Pedan- Cawas,Rt 002,Rw 001, Desa/kelurahan beji,kec:Pedan,kabupaten Klaten,Jawa Tengah 57468

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