Lurik Rachmad , a klaten Based SMSE ,has been around since 1960 , with the business tun by tree Generations black yo black.Embracing the Motto : “Lagacy , High Quality,Innovative”.
Their tenun pabric mode with Non – Machine Weaving Devices Definitely reflects these volues . In Lurik Rachmad ,Custumers can find various types of tenun such as lurik ,toraja pabric,Even Boirim from papua ,
Lurik Rachmad also upcycled industrial garment wastes to create more usefull item ; they transformad fabric waste into treads,and the weaved artistically yo become carpets,pillow,tablerunner ,bed cover ,fabrics Benang tumanggal ,and many more. This inspiring MSME wishes to preserve the local haritage and inolve locals in thair business

Sentra pembuatan lurik di Jawa berada :
Lurik Rachmad (Workshop)
Jl.Pedan- Cawas,Rt 002,Rw 001, Desa/kelurahan beji,kec:Pedan,kabupaten Klaten,Jawa Tengah 57468

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