We are a group of weavers/crafters who inherits the traditional hand-weaving techniques that has been practiced by our predescenders since the 1960’s. Our province had more than 50.000 crafters/weavers and we used to be weaving-center industry in Indonesia. After the era of the globalization and the mainstream culture has created the cultural changes, the weaver’s slowly becomes vanished and replaced by the modern weaving-machinery. It motivates us as a business to protect our traditions and legacy to keep growing and spreading so it would not dissappear from our culture during this era of globalization.

At this era of globalization, preserving the heritage from our ancestor becomes quite challenging as the people are started to forget the tradition that left by their descendants. Therefore, Lurik Rachmad is established in order to develop as well as to spread the value of fundamental knowledge of hand weaving traditional technique that should be well-preserved. Lurik Rachmad has more than one workshops, in which the main workshop is located at Pedan Klaten, Central Java Indonesia.

The weavers are acted as farmers to make a living. Therefore,some of the workshops are spreaded in a few villages as the weavers has to be near from their farms. Our warehouse is equipped with 50 sets of wooden looms that is used to produce all kinds of household textiles& traditional fabrics. We are specialized in development and manufactured all types of household textiles & traditional fabrics. Our raw material products include with strengtht of cottonand some of fabrics that made from natural fiber.

Sentra pembuatan lurik di Jawa berada :
Lurik Rachmad (Workshop)
Jl.Pedan- Cawas,Rt 002,Rw 001, Desa/kelurahan beji,kec:Pedan,kabupaten Klaten,Jawa Tengah 57468

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